Juniper Investment Company is a New York City-based investment manager founded in 2007 by Alexis Michas and John Bartholdson. Juniper manages capital on behalf of the general partner, high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.

Juniper’s strategy invests in a concentrated long-only portfolio of US equity securities of small to middle market companies. This strategy is the core of Juniper’s activities and has the flexibility to take advantage of the best public and private opportunities in this segment of the market. Juniper seeks to achieve investment gains through traditional value, active shareholder, strategic equity and public and private control investing by utilizing the team’s broad experience with control investments.

Juniper leverages its portfolio with special-purpose vehicles (SPVs) to invest in larger, longer-term and more illiquid positions. Strategic co-investments and direct private equity investments are used to selectively scale up portfolio positions or to acquire 100% of a company in order to maximize value for investors. SPV opportunities are offered to Juniper’s investors on a discretionary basis and on preferential terms.